Self-hosting is a fun hobby of mine ever since coronavirus came to town.

Ever since Covid-19 started I had been looking for fun projects to undertake in my spare time and I found self-hosting. Basically its hosting all of your services on your own servers (or old computer retrofitted for…

  1. Port Forwarding


First, you will want to make sure you have ports 80 and 443 pointed your computer/server internal IP. It will most likely look something like If you don’t know how to port forward, I would suggest googling “Port forward on brand router” and replace brand with…

Hi Guys,

I too like many others migrated to Jellyfin from Plex and Emby a few months ago. One feature I truly miss was the feature for pre-roll videos and trailers and I found a solution.

For Pre-roll:

Go to Dashboard and in advanced click on Plugins, Repositories and click…

Dayyan Abdullah

I am a lousy careless techfanatic.But I have passion and a love for technology.

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